The technology provider for extreme lightweight in metals.

HoDforming – the revolution in metals forming for extreme lightweight.

The HoDforming GmbH is providing an innovative technology for extreme lightweight products from any metals alloy. Based on our technology, we develop a process and integrate in in your existing production line.

By forming parts from high strength alloys from any metal precisely, the thickness of the material can be way thinner. Thus the performance of the components can be improved and at the same time material and weight can be reduced.

Our HDF-Technology is just as suitable for the production of hollow bodies as it is for sheets.

Our patented technologies are suitable for virtually any metal and alloy. That’s what makes our hot metal forming process so versatile and the perfect, sustainable solution for your business.

The partial heating of material and tool not only protects the material during forming and maintains its positive properties – it also gives you maximum design freedom. Have you ever thought about replacing a component group with an individual component?

By saving material, creating single components instead of component groups and the short production times, your costs will be reduced. The diversity of the technology allows the process to be used for a wide variety of products.

Lightweight construction is a major driver of innovation in many areas. Components must become more efficient and powerful, but also lighter. High-strength metal alloys are much more sustainable than composite materials in both production and recycling. In addition, HoDforming technology only requires existing processes to be adapted and not completely converted.