Lightweight engineering at its best!

We innovate your production line and strengthen your competitiveness.

The HDF technology – as versatile as your demands.

Lightweight construction is a major driver of innovation in many areas. Extreme lightweight combined with performance-improved parts has paramount importance for your prospective competitiveness and success locally as well as on international markets.

Use our technology for your competitive advantage in
  • Automotive,
  • Aviation,
  • Energy,
  • Design and Interior
  • and many other application fields!
And benefit from
  • Weight reduction and minimum use of materials.
  • Highly suitable for large and small series production in all industries, like automotive, aviation, aerospace, design objects.
  • Complex components – designed wall thickness distribution possible (Tolerance of 0,2 mm).
  • Eye-catching surface products in extreme lightweight.
  • Wrinkle free components – due to gas pressure forming ability.
  • Thin sheets and complex geometries, small radii’s or sharp edges.
  • Reduction of assembled parts (e. g. flanges) – integration of neighbour parts.